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I began practising Yoga 25 years ago and started teaching yoga in London in 2004.

My teachings are rooted in traditional Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, Tantra and Yoga Philosophy as well as Tibetan Buddhist Mindfulness Meditation and Vipassana Meditation.  I also draw on the creative flowing forms of Vinyasa Flow Yoga as well as Yin Yoga and the integrated  teachings of Sarah Powers' Insight Yoga.


I've become passionate about studying and teaching breath work, inspired by the teachings of Donna Farhi and Richard Freeman on Breathing and Pranayama.  In my classes I guide students to discover and reset deeply held distorted breath pattens, a process in which physical and emotional patterns can be unlocked and released.  These empowering Breathing practices help students to rediscover their essential breath, fundamental in deepening and inspiring their yoga, pranayama and meditation practices.


Inspired by Uma Dinsmore Tuli's teachings on Yoga for Women, I've trained as a Well Women\Womb Yoga Therapy teacher in 2015 and currently teach this on a 1:1 basis as well as running quaterly Shakti Yoga circles at Whitespace Yoga Studios.  

This approach to Yoga Therapy for Women's well-being is founded upon the understanding that conscious respectful awareness of the menstrual cycle and womens's live cycles are crucial to female vitality, self-respect and spiritual empowerment.

Therapeutic applications range from menstration, PMT, fertility, perimenopause, menopause and beyond.


Mona currently teaches classes at the Redfield Centre in Winslow and the Whitespace Yoga Centre in Stony Stratford.




Yoga Teacher Mona Baur lives at Redfield community with her daughter.  Mona teaches yoga at Redfield, as well as working as a ceramic artist.




  • British Wheel of Yoga Teacher Diploma

  • Pregnancy Yoga Training (Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, the Life Centre)

  • Yoga Nidra Training (Bihar School of Yoga Satyananda Yoga Centres U.K)

  • Qualified Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs Teacher

  • Well Women Yoga Therapy Teacher (Womb Yoga)

  • Qualified Yin Yoga Teacher (50hr Yin and Yang Yoga Teacher Training with Sarah Lo)

About Mona: